All services offered are performed digitally. If you provide a photograph, slide, or negative, it is scanned on a high-resolution scanner and a new image is made for you. The original photograph remains unaltered. If you provide digital images, your original files and media will not be altered in any way; the work will be done on a digital copy, then saved on a new disc for you. Resolution of your new files will match your originals as closely as possible.

Your new print will be the same size as your original photograph unless specified otherwise. Larger prints may be available if requested; recommendations about print size limitations will be made upon examining the original. Smaller prints are always available if you prefer. All prints are made on premium quality archival paper.

All images from your project are saved for you on a disc which you can use for archiving, sharing your images, or printing additional copies at a later date. The disc will be printed with your name and a snapshot of your image(s) for easy reference later. Image files are often kept on backup drives in our studio, so if your disc is lost or damaged, or you want to purchase additional copies of the disc, please get in touch as soon as possible; while we save all images as long as possible, disc space is limited, and older projects may be deleted.



Photo restorations include the repair of damages such as worn areas, stains and discolorations, torn photographs, faded colors, and so on.

Your image will be restored as closely as possible to your original photograph.

If you wish, text can be added to your new print to include names and dates. This is often a good reference for friends and family who may not recognize older relatives. You may also want to consider requesting extra copies.



Retouching includes minor editing such as smoothing skin, red-eye removal, teeth whitening, and touching up blemishes such as scars, bruises, scrapes, acne, etc. The degree of editing can vary from barely noticeable to extensive “glamour-style” portraits.

This service is available to photographers who want an entire shoot retouched as well as individuals who may prefer a more “finished” look to their photos. It can be done for photos other than portraits as well – for instance, removing gunk from the eyes or burrs from the coat on animal photos, etc.


bwcolorColorization & Other Color Alterations

Black and white or sepia-toned photographs can be colorized. When planning your colorization project, it’s useful to make notes about the colors to be used for hair, eyes, jewelry, various articles of clothing, etc. Looking at other photos taken around the same time period, or consulting family or friends may be helpful.

This process may also be used on restorations of photographs which have faded in color. Some photographic papers tend toward fading or shifting colors; other photos may have been subjected to being displayed in an area receiving bright sunlight. In cases like these, notes on the original colors are vital to making your project look its best.

The reverse process is also available: any color photograph or digital image can be converted to a black and white or sepia-toned print. This is great for that timeless, classic look on snapshots as well as portraits.



Photographs, 35mm negatives, and 35mm slides can all be scanned to disc for archiving. Whether you’re in the process of organizing your images or simply making some copies for friends and family, having your images digitally archived can be invaluable. Once saved to a disc, you may want to upload them to online storage for backup, or perhaps keep an extra disc in a safety deposit box. With each of your archive discs, you receive an index print showing a snapshot of each image and its file name, so it’s easy to know what’s on each disc.

When preparing for your project, remember that you’ll also have an easier time finding your pictures if you group them into sets that make sense to you. Have a separate disc for each photo album, for instance, or a disc for each carousel or tray if you’re working with slides. While it’s possible to put a large number of images on each disc, most people find it easier to keep things organized if it’s in an already familiar order, by subject or chronology.

If you’re organizing family pictures, also consider having text and dates added to the images. Legible, easily accessible information can be a wonderful genealogical resource for future generations of your family.


dvdwcoverDVD Slideshows

Slideshows are a great way to share memories at gatherings, as well as having an archived set of photos on a particular subject. Titles, captions and music can be added for a more personal experience.

Your DVD will be ready to play on any standalone DVD player as well as most standard computer DVD drives and viewing software. Each disc is printed with your title and a selection of your photos, and a regular DVD-style disc holder with cover sheet is included.

In addition to your DVD, you will receive our standard archive disc with an image file of each of your photos.


pettributePet Tributes

Pet tributes make thoughtful gifts for people who love their furry friends, as well as being a wonderful way to remember loyal companions who have passed on. You can include photos, your pet’s name or nickname, a verse, special dates such as a rescue or homecoming day, or anything you wish. Your photos and memories will be composed for a print suitable for framing in any size you wish, from wallet-size to poster-size.


anniversaryOccasion Collages

These can be done in any size but are typically a poster-sized print displayed at gatherings such as weddings, memorial services, birthday parties, company gatherings, church picnics, and so on. Similar to the pet tribute, they can include several photos of your subject, text of your choice, dates, etc. If your gathering has a particular color scheme, your collage can be tailored to complement it. You may choose to leave enough empty space around the photos to allow guests to sign the print as a keepsake.

An advantage over the bulletin board where photos are pinned or taped, the collage print can be framed or mounted, saving your original photos from pinholes, bent corners and fingerprints, or getting lost in the shuffle. Your photos will be scanned and returned to you, so you’ll have your originals, your collage, and a standard archive disc.



Composites are popular with portrait photographers, but you don’t have to be an accomplished professional to make use of this valuable tool. Choose a handful of the best shots from your photo session; include text if you like, such as names, dates, location. It’ll be arranged within a template to reflect your style as well as that of your subject, and printed to the size of your choice (typically 8×10 or 8.5×11 for a portfolio). Appropriate copyright text can be included if you wish to deter unauthorized copies.


scrapbookpageScrapbook Pages

Custom pages can greatly simplify your scrapbooking activities. You supply the photos or digital image files and any text you wish to include; we’ll create a standard 12×12 print with appropriate background design and colors. Other sizes are also available upon request.



You may request a canvas from any of your project photos. All canvases are archival quality gallery-wrap stretched canvases, suitable for framing without glass or for hanging directly on the wall without a frame. Please note that although all restoration, editing, etc., is done in the local studio, your canvas is printed at a specialty lab, which requires extra time (especially during holiday seasons).


2015XmasCatsGreeting Cards

While many photo labs offer templates for designing your own holiday cards, the software can sometimes be frustrating and difficult, and options for editing your image may be limited. You may choose to have us do this for you, performing all the editing and alterations and then designing a personal card for you. Flat or folded cards on excellent quality glossy cardstock (as well as envelopes) are available year-round (minimum quantity=10 of the same design). As with our other services utilizing outside lab resources, please allow extra time for printing.


businesscardPostcards & Business Cards

Business cards and postcards (minimum quantity=100 of the same design) are also available. Using your images and text (or selecting from our own library of images if you don’t have one available), we create a unique design for you that will make your card stand out from the crowd. These are printed on high-quality cardstock at an outside lab, so allow extra time for your project.